About Me

How oils changed my family's life

  • I was born and raised in Las Vegas Nevada and had been involved in the beauty and makeup industry since 2000
  • In 2005 I have moved to Boston and became a Medical Esthetician & Certified in aromatherapy.
  • In 2009 I had my first child. I had then taken on a new role and wanted nothing, but the best for my new bundle of joy!  I learned a lot about nutrition, fitness and how it's important to take care of your body from the inside and out. I am a firm believer, that you are what you eat. Everything you put in your body will eventually show through your skin and to achieve all around health you have to target that from every angle.
  • In 2015 I welcomed my second child. During my pregnancy my friend Deanna introduced me into Young Living Oils. Being a certified aromatherapist I was thrown back by the purity and authentic scent that each oil had. The Seed To Seal, sealed the deal for me when making the decision to buy my kit and diffuser. Because I was pregnant, I was limited to which oils I could use. After I had my baby I opened the gates to Oil Heaven and had so much fun making "The Perfect Blends"!
  • I in no way had intentions of making a business out of selling oils. Fate had other plans for me! Telling people about  my success stories, and how every oil serves a purpose in my house had people's curiosities growing and wanting to know how to get their hands on these amazing oils. This happened so organically, that it opened my eyes to becoming part of Young Living as an Educator and Distributor. 
  • I love helping others, and always find myself saying to people "Hey there's an oil for that"! Educating people and the many uses each oil has is what I love to do! 

Destiny Cafarella

Young Living Essential Oil Educator 

Distributor #2075685